Sold home – 2670 E Bellerive Drive Gilbert

This property was located in the beautiful community of Adora Trails in Gilbert. Complete with community center, pool and Elementary School. Despite being in the middle of a pandemic. We were able to get this home under contract, full price, the first weekend on the market. We helped ensure a smooth inspection and BINSR. The home appraised and closed almost one week early. It closed at as one of the highest comps in the neighborhood for that floor plan. These times are unpredictable but this real estate transaction was successful because of experience and strong communication.

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How to Find the Perfect Real Estate Agent | Simplifying The Market

If you’re thinking of buying or selling this year, you need an agent who can help you:

  • Make sense of this rapidly evolving housing market
  • Navigate everything from virtual showings to new online marketing strategies
  • Price your home correctly at the beginning of the selling process
  • Determine what to offer on your dream home without paying too much or offending the seller

Hiring an agent who has a finger on the pulse of the current market will make your buying or selling experience so much easier.

So, how do you identify who truly understands what’s happening right now? How do you know who will take the time to simply and effectively explain what today’s market conditions mean to you and your family?

Bottom Line

I am always here to answer any of your questions or concerns. Let’s connect today to discuss your real estate needs and or next steps.